Schneider Haff - Socio-therapeutic farm

Childcare and animal protection

This therapeutic offer based on animal-assisted pedagogy is aimed at 10 adolescent boys and girls. A multi-skilled team specifically uses the positive effects of the human-animal relationship to develop constructive "behaviours" with the young people that are useful for their future.

Animals from animal welfare organisations also live on the farm. The relationship with the animal offers the possibility of emotional maturation. In dealing with the animals, the focus is on the young people's strengths, not their problems.

While taking into account aspects of trauma pedagogy, a highly ritualised and therapeutic daily routine provides important impulses for stabilisation, resource promotion and the management of traumatic experiences.


Joëlle HAYUM, Responsable

9, rue de Syren
L-5870 Alzingen

T. 26 36 07 55
F. 26 36 14 52