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For the children and young people we work with we have created specific projects financed by private donations. These give them a foothold in independent life, despite their difficult individual life stories and the challenges they face.

Your support is the breeding ground for our individual aid projects.

Our individual relief projects


The animal-assisted pedagogy

Experiencing positive relationships as well as successful moments contributes to emotional stabilisation and strengthens the child's ability to form personal and social attachments.

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Our art-assisted pedagogy offering

Independent and creative work allows children to express their feelings, even without words. In this way, they can begin to face their emotions and their own life stories.

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The project "Youth(ful) Nature"

Education in sustainable and responsible behavior, the promotion of one's own creativity, the development of craft skills and the joy of participating in common achievements are promoted.

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Our individual support measures

Development and implementation of individual support measures, such as promoting the skills and knowledge of children, adolescents and young adults.

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Our music- assisted pedagogy offer

Music-assistes pedagogy is a creative, non-verbal method using the medium of music to help them express their inner experiences.

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