KaJuPa (Children and Youth Parliament of SOS Children's Village Luxembourg)

Participate in decision making

Young people obviously want to have a say and influence on all decisions concerning their lives. This is an important development area that young people first learn to perceive and then to express their own ideas, wishes and needs.

By participating, they see that they are heard, that their interests are taken seriously and that their opinions count. In this way, they gain independence and self-confidence, and they also feel self-efficient. Children and adolescents in particular, with a difficult life history, often have a strong need for transparency, participation and control. This contributes significantly to the creation of a safe place to live and to inner stabilisation.

With the Children's and Youth Parliament, SOS Children's Village Luxembourg has created an initiative in 2019 in which children and young people in care can participate. They meet regularly with representatives of the institution to discuss and pass on their suggestions.

The aim is to experience democracy and participatory life, and to have a common voice. Young people rightly want to have a say in decisions concerning their daily lives.