Protection of children's rights

Being heard

The aim of child rights protection is to safeguard children and young people against all forms of violence, abuse and neglect.

At SOS Children's Village Luxembourg, this is implemented at different levels. Procedures set up at organisational level give guidance and security to professionals.

In addition, a specially trained delegate for the protection of the rights of children and adolescents is consulted on issues of child rights protection. His/her area of responsibility includes

  • Suggesting preventive measures,
  • Assistance in risk assessment,
  • accompanying in situations of transgression, and
  • He/she is also available as a contact person to whom concerned persons can turn in case of current and past incidents.

SOS Children's Village Luxembourg has been a member of the "Bientraitance Network" since 2020. This network was born out of the synergy between several Luxembourgish non-profit organisations that are committed to preventing abuse and promoting caring and appreciative behaviour among all stakeholders, but especially among people in need of protection.


Delegate for the protection of the rights of children and adolescents


Our Children's Rights Representative

Being separated from their family is a great challenge for children, even if this decision has been taken in the best interests of the child or young person. Often their world is turned upside down overnight, their usual points of reference no longer exist. They have to learn to live in a different environment, to form relationships with other people and to adapt to new ways of life.

In order to facilitate this transition, we had the idea of creating a sort of good luck charm, a friend in need, an individual confidant, specific to the Foundation. The participation of children and adolescents was essential for the realisation of this project, as we wanted to include the ideas of young people in order to be as close as possible to their needs. Thanks to a generous financial donation, we were able to organise creative workshops for children and teenagers together with two design professionals. During these workshops, the children and young people freely expressed what made them happy/sad/angry and what could help them. On the basis of the collected impressions, a unique piece was designed.

Today, we are happy to be able to offer each child and adolescent placed with us a Dudoo to welcome them. By extension, Dudoo has been promoted to a figure symbolising the social commitment of the Lëtzebuerger Kannerduerf Foundation, which is unequivocally in favour of the right of every child to grow up in a safe and protective environment and to know that his or her fundamental rights are respected.