Socio-therapeutic center KlickKlack

Discovering one's owns resources

This support service is aimed at schoolchildren (aged between 4 and 12) in a situation of academic distress, with behavioural problems that cannot be treated by extensive supervision within the school.

The admission request is made by the school authorities in collaboration with the persons with parental authority. Based on the diagnosis and the recommendation of the CDSE (Centre of Competence for Socio-Emotional Development), the CNI (National Inclusion Commission) and the guardians decide together on the need for temporary care by a CST (Socio-Therapeutic Centre). Clearly structured individual and group activities are used to stabilise, strengthen resources and promote self-regulation. Various educational/therapeutic aids are used: art therapy, music, experiential education, animal-assisted pedagogy, Lego-education, anti-violence training, sport. The primary objective is always reintegration into school.


Catia ARADA, Responsable

Atelier artisanal

3, rue Hermann Gmeiner
L-7534 Mersch

T. 26 32 05 64