Become a SOS Children's Village Family

The mothers and fathers of the SOS Childrens' Villages live together with the children entrusted to them and each shapes family life. This is more than just a profession; they become central in the lives of the children entrusted to them. At the same time, they are trained pedagogues and lead a small team of pedagogical staff who work in the SOS family.

Together they provide a stable home. The children and young people who join the SOS Children's Village have suffered a lot and can usually only overcome their psychological traumas with professional help. Being an SOS mother or father is therefore a varied and exciting, but also demanding task. They are both a place of rest and a source of active strength that enables the child to form lasting bonds, overcome personal difficulties and find self-confidence. This is both a professional and personal challenge. The ability to build relationships, patience and perseverance, a positive outlook on life, physical and mental resilience, and self-care are important prerequisites. Willingness to question oneself, to recognise and work with one's own limitations, and to cooperate with other professional services is also included.

It is important to us that the parents have a respected place in the lives of the children. We therefore need SOS parents who make this situation central to their lives, by responding with sensitivity and appreciation of their families, all in the service of the well-being of the children in their care.

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